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Under the direction of Prof. Vincent Kaufmann, Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LaSUR) comprises of around fifteen researchers and PhD students united towards the comprehension of urban experiences within a social science perspective.


Situated within the EPFL and the ENAC Faculty (Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering), the LaSUR researches the social conditions that produce and appropriate cities or territories, collaborating intensively with its partners in engineering and architecture.


The LaSUR confronts urban phenomena through the mobility capacities of its actors. In this perspective, the principal research themes are daily mobility, residential history, the dynamics of suburbanization and gentrification, public space, and network management.



The driver's license is no longer a Holy Grail!

Source: RTS

Emmanuel Ravalet, is the guest of the TV show la grande lessive and explains what disenchantment of young people vis-à-vis the driving license, at 4'47.

Watch the show here

The street: space of freedom or framed space?

Source: Sylvie Legault
At first thought, the street is the public domain. But are we really free to wander as we wish? Are we all equal on the street? Pascal Viot, Associate Researcher of the EPFL Urban Sociology Lab (LaSUR) is the guest of Vacarme radio show.

Listen to the show here

An ecodistrict in Echallens

Source: 24 heures

Echallens wants to build an ecodistrict in the middle of the fields. Luca Pattaroni, PhD in Sociology at the EPFL, comments on this approach in the columns of the 24 heures newspaper.

Read the article here

Uber rivals absent in Switzerland

Source : Mark Warner

Le Temps interviewed Emmanuel Ravalet, socio-economist and researcher mobility of people at EPFL about Uber competition in the country.

Read the article here

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