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Under the direction of Prof. Vincent Kaufmann, Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LaSUR) comprises of around fifteen researchers and PhD students united towards the comprehension of urban experiences within a social science perspective.


Situated within the EPFL and the ENAC Faculty (Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering), the LaSUR researches the social conditions that produce and appropriate cities or territories, collaborating intensively with its partners in engineering and architecture.


The LaSUR confronts urban phenomena through the mobility capacities of its actors. In this perspective, the principal research themes are daily mobility, residential history, the dynamics of suburbanization and gentrification, public space, and network management.



Imagine the car of tomorrow

Source: smoothgroover22

What future for the automobile? The show La Première of RTS interviewed Vincent Kaufmann, professor of urban sociology and mobility analysis at EPFL.

Écouter l'émission ici

Pully follows you through your mobile

Source: Norbert Aepli, Switzerland [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)

Vincent Kaufmann, Professor at EPFL, discusses data protection in the project of  Pully to buy Swisscom data to track road user mobiilty.

Read the article here

Pedestrians wait for the green light

Source: Kyah117

An article on the pedestrian lights and their influence on traffic. We learn in particular that presses on some buttons have no effect on traffic lights. For Derek Christie, doctoral assistant in the Urban Sociology Laboratory at EPFL, this may push the pedestrian to cross on red.

read the article here

They no longer want to drive!

Source: State Farm

Getting the driver license is no longer a priority for youth. They can get by with other means is what emerges from an interview with a student. Testimony and explanations with Stéphanie Vincent, a researcher at the Transport Economics Laboratory in Lyon and a research associate at the Urban Sociology Laboratory EPFL in Lausanne..

Liste to the radio show here

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