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Under the direction of Prof. Vincent Kaufmann, Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LaSUR) comprises of around fifteen researchers and PhD students united towards the comprehension of urban experiences within a social science perspective.


Situated within the EPFL and the ENAC Faculty (Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering), the LaSUR researches the social conditions that produce and appropriate cities or territories, collaborating intensively with its partners in engineering and architecture.


The LaSUR confronts urban phenomena through the mobility capacities of its actors. In this perspective, the principal research themes are daily mobility, residential history, the dynamics of suburbanization and gentrification, public space, and network management.



Yverdon, the car's paradise


Yverdon remains committed to this means of locomotion. A study by EPFL's observatory of mobility confirmed. Sébastien Munafò, PhD assistant at EPFL, is interviewed on this topic by 24 Heures.

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Are transport infrastructure contributing to economic development?

S1 vers Villeneuve

A debate between Rémy Prud'homme, Jean-Marc Offner and Emmanuel Ravalet

Posed in this way, the question seems obvious. It is very common to hear in local political circles that we must build a highway or train station to open up the area and allow it to grow. However, this position has a largely active controversy. Why?

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A new 'Cahier du LaSUR' on Human Security


A new ‘cahier du LaSUR’ edited by Albrecht Schnabel and Yves Pedrazzini, is now available. It is the result of a collaborative project on Operationalizing Human Security which examined the link between human security analysis and human security provision to improve the lives of people living in threatened communities and to sensitize security providers about means and ways to channel existing resources and capacities more effectively towards the alleviation of serious threats in specific local contexts.

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Under the mountain

Tunnel du Gothard

The drilling of a new road tube under the Gotthard would be a sign that Switzerland has "too much money and few good ideas to spend it well," said Vincent Kaufmann in Migros Magazine.

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