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Under the direction of Prof. Vincent Kaufmann, Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LaSUR) comprises of around fifteen researchers and PhD students united towards the comprehension of urban experiences within a social science perspective.


Situated within the EPFL and the ENAC Faculty (Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering), the LaSUR researches the social conditions that produce and appropriate cities or territories, collaborating intensively with its partners in engineering and architecture.


The LaSUR confronts urban phenomena through the mobility capacities of its actors. In this perspective, the principal research themes are daily mobility, residential history, the dynamics of suburbanization and gentrification, public space, and network management.



In the past the highway was synonymous with modernity, freedom, speed, openness...

Source: Tabl-trai

Today it rhymes more with traffic jams, stress, pace, noise and environmental pollution. How do highway users perceive this every day duality? With Vincent Kaufmann from EPFL.

Listen to the show here

Geneva train station expands underground

Source: mpd01605

By 2030, the Cornavin train station in Geneva is expected to host more than 130,000 passengers a day. Longer trains, more frequent and new routes should help address this demand. Vincent Kaufmann, urban sociologist Professor at EPFL, is interviewed by RTS

Watch the show here

Mobility in the Lake Geneva area: the highway is outdated!

Source: Cédric Sandoz

Professor and mobility specialist, Vincent Kaufmann is interviewed in the newspaper "La Côte" on road infrastructure in the Lake Geneva area.

Read the article here

On the track of pedestrians

Source: Pixabay

Antonin Danalet and Derek Christie (from the LaSUR) were yesterday on the Première chaine radio station to explain how we can now follow  pedestrian's track and how this information can be used for urban planning.

Listen to the broadcast here

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